Security Booths

5 Top Reasons to Install Security Booths on Your Property

Security is one of the critical necessities of life. Businesses cannot afford to compromise on security, in any situation. If you are dealing with lack of space, and cannot afford to put together a proper security room that requires a lot of land, a better solution is investing in high-quality security booths that are both convenient and cost-efficient. Let’s take a look at five reasons explaining the importance of security booths for the security of your property.

  • No Need For Building these Booths: Prefabricated security guard booths undergo factory construction ahead of time. This helps you minimize the amount of time to put together a booth all by yourself. Moreover, you can save money that you would spend otherwise to hire help.
  • Access Control: One of the key measures for ensuring the physical security of a property and its inhabitants is “access control.” This feature allows for a facility to monitor who comes in and goes out of the property. Access control allows you to properly log all of the facility’s traffic, just like an accounting department. You can get access control with a security booth. In addition to the improved customer and visitor impressions of your business, you can also expect improved security through access control.
  • Customization: Many companies that sell security booths also allow for customization. This means you can choose from a diverse range of colors to match your business’ color theme and style. Whether you want something minimalist or something bold, you can find the right color easily. You can also go ahead and customize more than just the color. Other customization features include design, style, and additional features.
  • Doubles as a Video Surveillance Center: For keeping the rest of your property in check, installing a video surveillance system inside your security booth will offer you with continuous evaluation of the whole property, as extensively as you wish. A surveillance system will allow you to strategically place cameras in low-visibility areas and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Surveillance can help you target specific kinds of crime in specific areas as a tool to aid law enforcement.
  • Fireproof: Numerous security booths are equipped with a fire-proofing system for commercial or military reasons.

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All in all, security booths are a long-term investment that will act as a safety and security hub of your facility. In case anyone notices a threat to your property, the security booth is the perfect place to call and get instant assistance. If you opt for a prefabricated security booth, you can skip the time, labor and cost of building another structure. For more information regarding security booths, get in touch with Porta-King Building Systems right away!


Total Verified Healthcare Provider Count Exceeds 1.5 Million, Includes 350,000 Interviewed Physicians

St. Louis, MO, April 4, 2017- The healthcare industry’s leading physician candidate database, Pinpoint by PracticeMatch, reached a new milestone of 350,000 interviewed, pre-screened physicians. PracticeMatch initially established the database in 1989 to provide healthcare systems with a unique, cost-effective alternative to outsourcing their physician recruiting to a search firm. Since then, the database is updated on an ongoing basis with new candidates and information. Engaging with Pinpoint physicians allows hospital recruiters and healthcare hiring managers to maintain control of the recruiting process and avoid placement fees, with the benefit of convenient access to 350,000 interviewed physicians, plus a total of more than 1.5 million total verified providers via licensed databases. This also includes more than 320,000 advanced practice clinicians.

“Hospital staff recruiters and healthcare hiring managers have relied on the unrivaled quality of our Pinpoint physician database for nearly 30 years,” states Mike York, CEO of PracticeMatch. “Pinpoint is the only physician recruiting database with 350,000 interviewed physicians, which saves precious time that in-house recruiters would otherwise spend pre-screening candidates themselves. Our product allows physician recruiters to efficiently and effectively pinpoint the best physician candidates for their facility’s particular hiring needs.”


PracticeMatch helps physician recruiters find the best candidate match for each of their openings by providing the industry’s largest database of verified, pre-screened physicians and advanced practice healthcare professionals. A team of professionally-trained PracticeMatch interviewers contacts each Pinpoint physician to discuss and record their preferences regarding practice settings, geographic location, along with gathering details about each provider’s professional history, among other things. Healthcare employers than simply purchase access to the database, so that their hiring managers or hospital recruiters may utilize it at their convenience to contact the candidates that best fit their needs.


“This Pinpoint milestone is significant in the industry because it is such a substantial number of providers for physician recruiters to have at their fingertips. No other company offers access to more than 1.5 million verified providers, and certainly not with the level of information and detail that the Pinpoint database provides on its 350,000 physicians,” York explains.


PracticeMatch will be celebrating this exciting milestone with special programs for physician throughout the upcoming months. For more information and details about how your healthcare facility may obtain access to Pinpoint physicians, and other verified healthcare candidates, please contact Mike York at

About PracticeMatch:

PracticeMatch is one of the most established companies serving hospitals and healthcare systems with recruiting resources including physician job boards, career fairs, and candidate leads. Established more than 25 years ago, its Pinpoint physician database includes over 350,000 interviewed, pre-screened physicians. Based in St. Louis, MO, the company hosts more than 30 live and virtual physician career fairs annually, across the country. For media inquiries, or to schedule an interview with a PracticeMatch executive, please contact Andrea Clement – For more information regarding healthcare recruiting resources provided by PracticeMatch, please contact Mike York (800) 489-1440, or email

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Andrea Clement, Media Relations at 404.990.3614 or email at

Rebranding: When and Why

Changing a business’s name is almost like changing the name of a person: the name and associated qualities of a person are already established and a new name could disrupt that. However, when it must be done, a name change should occur with certain steps. When and why rebranding occurs is important.

Why a brand changes involves many different factors. There might be a scandal in the business and a rebranding is needed to help customers forget it. A rebrand might also come from a positive angle where the company needs to refresh to better appeal to its market. No matter what the cause for rebranding, it needs to be one for a positive reason with positive goals in mind. Changing a company or business name just for fun is a bad idea.

When the brand changes is also important. Labenco LLC decided to rebrand at the beginning of 2018 but careful steps have been taken leading up to the name change. First, they picked a date to announce the rebranding and modeled their other decisions around this process. Second, they informed customers of the change before it happened so they wouldn’t lose business.  Only when loyal clients know that the name change will occur can they look for the new name and not be surprised or confused by the change.

Labenco LLC will still carry the same products and supplies as it did before rebranding. They also still have the same great prices on popular products like the Buckeye ABC 5lb fire extinguisher, which is perfect for numerous spaces. Keep this company in mind when looking for fire supplies.

Liberty Lending Consultants Inc. Offers Home Financing Advice

Liberty Lending Consultants Inc. would like to offer advanced home financing advice for potential first-time buyers. Financing a home can be a difficult task and Liberty Lending is here to help.

Liberty Lending Consultants advises that potential buyers determine how much they need to borrow as well as how much they are able to borrow. Determining that maximum amount depends on a couple of key questions. Most importantly, how much of a monthly payment can the potential buyer afford? This amount is often determined by the customer’s current monthly income. Additionally, the customer must consider the amount that a lender is able to lend them, based on previous credit, employment history, goal, income, and debt.  A Missouri USDA loan, also known as a Rural Development loan might include low payments while a St. Louis VA loan might not have a down payment.

After gathering all of the necessary information, Liberty Lending suggests selecting a financial advisor to review everything in great detail. Once the financial advisor clears all of the relevant information, they will be able to pre-qualify the potential buyer. Being pre-qualified makes it easier for any seller to know that the buyer is serious about purchasing a new property.

Getting pre-qualified means it’s time for the buyer to apply for financial assistance. Liberty Lending suggests selecting financial advisors that will make sure the application for financial assistance is error-free. After applying, financial advisors will contact the necessary parties to order an appraisal of the home in question.

After completing all of this work Liberty Lending suggests the buyer’s realtor and property seller find an escrow/title company to handle funding. From there, the buyer’s financial advisors can work with all of the appropriate parties to make sure everything is in order. Once the potential buyer signs the papers, they can focus on really making that new house a home.

The Importance of ACT and SAT Testing

Mackler Associates is encouraging students and parents to enroll in the ACT and SAT before the end of the 2017 testing circuit. Many colleges accept applications through Spring of 2018, making now the best time to register for either the ACT and SAT, depending on your desired school. The college admissions process is placing more weight on test scores so it is more important than ever to seek out the ACT and SAT test preparation and tutoring services like Mackler Associates.

Top universities receive more applications than they can read and they accept less than one in five applicants. Elite universities accept even fewer. With highly academic applicant pools, colleges rely on the ACT and SAT scores to determine which students will be most likely to succeed on their campus. Mackler Associates is a team of St. Louis tutors that has designed programs that provide elite test preparation services. This assistance is guaranteed to help students improve their test scores and get them accepted to the university of their choice.

Mackler Associates offers students one-on-one tutoring for ACT test prep with instructors who have the ability to identify different learning styles and translate them into straightforward, manageable lessons. Mackler customizes tutoring lessons according to student strengths and weaknesses. They focus on the needs of the individual students and achieve success.