Rebranding: When and Why

Changing a business’s name is almost like changing the name of a person: the name and associated qualities of a person are already established and a new name could disrupt that. However, when it must be done, a name change should occur with certain steps. When and why rebranding occurs is important.

Why a brand changes involves many different factors. There might be a scandal in the business and a rebranding is needed to help customers forget it. A rebrand might also come from a positive angle where the company needs to refresh to better appeal to its market. No matter what the cause for rebranding, it needs to be one for a positive reason with positive goals in mind. Changing a company or business name just for fun is a bad idea.

When the brand changes is also important. Labenco LLC decided to rebrand at the beginning of 2018 but careful steps have been taken leading up to the name change. First, they picked a date to announce the rebranding and modeled their other decisions around this process. Second, they informed customers of the change before it happened so they wouldn’t lose business.  Only when loyal clients know that the name change will occur can they look for the new name and not be surprised or confused by the change.

Labenco LLC will still carry the same products and supplies as it did before rebranding. They also still have the same great prices on popular products like the Buckeye ABC 5lb fire extinguisher, which is perfect for numerous spaces. Keep this company in mind when looking for fire supplies.

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