The Importance of ACT and SAT Testing

Mackler Associates is encouraging students and parents to enroll in the ACT and SAT before the end of the 2017 testing circuit. Many colleges accept applications through Spring of 2018, making now the best time to register for either the ACT and SAT, depending on your desired school. The college admissions process is placing more weight on test scores so it is more important than ever to seek out the ACT and SAT test preparation and tutoring services like Mackler Associates.

Top universities receive more applications than they can read and they accept less than one in five applicants. Elite universities accept even fewer. With highly academic applicant pools, colleges rely on the ACT and SAT scores to determine which students will be most likely to succeed on their campus. Mackler Associates is a team of St. Louis tutors that has designed programs that provide elite test preparation services. This assistance is guaranteed to help students improve their test scores and get them accepted to the university of their choice.

Mackler Associates offers students one-on-one tutoring for ACT test prep with instructors who have the ability to identify different learning styles and translate them into straightforward, manageable lessons. Mackler customizes tutoring lessons according to student strengths and weaknesses. They focus on the needs of the individual students and achieve success.

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